Clarisse Berenger

Clarisse Berenger


Clarisse entered the financial services industry in 2003 and has worked in various financial services roles including as a compliance officer, para planner and associate financial adviser.  She has worked for banks, financial planning practices, accounting businesses and had a short stint at a plaintiff law firm prior to joining Holley Nethercote.

Admitted to Practice


Key Areas of Expertise

  • Financial Services Law
  • Regulatory Compliance

Career Achievements

  • Prior to joining Holley Nethercote, Clarisse played a key role in turning around the compliance standard of her former employer during her three years of part time service.
  • Her broad experience across the financial services sector has allowed her to develop practical skills to compliment her legal qualifications.


  • Bachelor of Law (Graduate Entry) (Honours)
  • Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice
  • Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting and Finance)
  • Advanced Diploma of Financial Services (Financial Planning)

Favourite Quote

“Just keep swimming, just keep swimming” – Finding Dory

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