Automated advice, Peer to Peer (P2P) and VASPs

If you’re a Fintech, you’ll need legal and compliance support from a firm that not only has an in-depth knowledge of financial services, but is able to take a practical approach to help you establish where you fit within the regulatory network and deal with the relevant regulators.

Automated Advice and Investing

There is no specific regulatory framework to deal with robo-advice or other types of automated investing, so participants must fit into an existing regime. ASIC’s RG 255 discusses its view to providing digital financial product advice to retail clients.

We act for a significant portion of the digital advice industry and welcome questions about entering into this market.

Peer-to-peer lending, investing, foreign exchange, payments, you name it!

Technology has removed the need for a trusted “middle man”. We act for many peer-to-peer providers, many of whom are captured by Australia’s financial services, credit and AML/CTF legal frameworks.

You may need to apply for an AFSL, apply for an ACL, enrol with AUSTRAC, or get relief from existing regulation – but leave that for us to find out!

Our commercial team can also assist with the commercial needs of a start-up, from employment contracts to leases and terms and conditions.

Useful insights for Fintech businesses and start-ups

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