Consumer credit legal and regulatory support

If you’re a credit licensee or an authorised credit representative providing credit services, then you’re aware that you need to meet certain obligations. We offer assistance from legal advice, all the way through to compliance support and training.

We provide legal services including:

  • National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009, National Credit Code, ASIC Act and other regulatory obligations advice;
  • General Consumer Credit Law advice;
  • Preparing, amending, interpreting and advising on authorised credit representative agreements;
  • Developing and advising on corporate governance systems;
  • Designing or providing legal “sign off” on Credit Guides and other disclosure documents;
  • Attendance at compliance committee meetings;
  • Other business law services.

Australian Credit Licence (ACL) Advice

Do you know if you need an Australian Credit Licence?  Generally speaking, if you engage in credit activity, you need an Australian Credit Licence unless an exemption or defence applies.

We can help you determine whether your proposed business will be caught by the credit licensing regime and, if so, whether you can rely on any of the licensing exemptions.

Our credit law team have an array of experience behind them, from working in ASIC’s Credit Team, to the Credit and Investments Ombudsman (now known as AFCA), we have the right people to help you.

Please note: We do not offer these services to pay-day lending and consumer leasing businesses.

Australian Credit Licensee Reviews (Audits)

Many Australian Credit Licensees tell ASIC that they will conduct annual external reviews using an external services provider as part of their initial ACL application.  In any case, whether you under scrutiny by ASIC or want to avoid it, having an independent review of your compliance arrangements is a worthwhile exercise.

Contact us to arrange a licensee review and audit.


Crypto Credit

Crypto technologies are spurring innovation in the credit space – including consumer credit products, crypto-linked credit cards and commercial lending arrangements where crypto is collateral.  We can advise you on your credit offerings and have experience dealing with card schemes, consumer credit contracts and commercial lending arrangements – particularly where crypto protocols are involved, both centralised (CeFi) and decentralised (DeFi).

Credit Services Law

Useful resources

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Responsible Manager Training
Responsible Manager Training

Our half-day workshop has been designed to provide Responsible Managers and compliance staff with an overview of the role of the Responsible Manager and how they fit within the broader regulatory framework.

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