Michael Mavromatis


Michael advises on legal, compliance and regulatory requirements affecting financial services businesses.  His practice areas include funds management, platforms, superannuation, IDPSs, managed accounts, payments, derivatives, conflicted remuneration and financial services generally.  Michael has previously worked in senior in-house roles across large national and multi-national financial services businesses, including major fund managers and platform providers.

Admitted to Practice


Key Areas of Expertise

  • Funds management
  • Platforms
  • Superannuation
  • Managed accounts
  • Custody and administration
  • Regulatory reporting obligations for financial services providers
  • Outsourcing arrangements
  • General commercial
  • Payments (including purchased payment facilities)
  • Client money rules
  • Derivatives

Career Achievements

  • Directly involved in all stages of the design and development of managed accounts solutions across a number of platforms, including advising on the structuring of those products and all required legal agreements
  • Frequent liaison with regulators, securities exchanges and financial services industry groups, IDPSs, managed accounts and financial services generally
  • Member of the Australian management committee for a foreign financial services provider
  • Implementation of fund manager rebates and rebate frameworks
  • Advising responsible entities, investment managers, platform operators and trustees of superannuation funds on their legal and regulatory obligations


  • Masters in Law (Corporate and Commercial Law)
  • Bachelor of Laws (Hons) with major in Business Law
  • Bachelor of Commerce, with double major in Economics & Finance
  • Graduate Certificate in Applied Finance and Investment

Favourite Quote

“Sometimes you have to create a vision, a path for a vision.  It may not be apparent, and you may have to forge it yourself.  And that will be the way to move your life forward.”  — Herbie Hancock

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