Financial Services Lawyer

Samantha Hills

LinkedinSenior Associate

Sam works primarily in the area of financial services law.  Her clients are typically financial services licensees, including financial planning dealer groups and fund managers.

Admitted to Practice


Key Areas of Expertise

  • Advising financial services licensees – for example, in relation to disclosure requirements
  • Chairing compliance committees
  • Conducting licensee reviews
  • Running training sessions

Career Achievements

  • For many years, Sam edited and contributed a substantial amount of content to T-REX, a subscription-only tailored monthly regulatory exchange, published by Holley Nethercote


  • Arts (Hons) and Law (Hons) from University of Melbourne, completed in 2003

Favourite Quote

“I cannot swim in this sea of semantic exercises.” Lord Denning MR said this in one of his judgments.  I often feel the same way!

My Thoughts

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