Tim Dixon

Special Counsel

Tim has practised law for more than 30 years and is a “jack of all trades” with a strong background in commercial law and commercial litigation.  Before coming to Holley Nethercote, he was a principal of a medium sized Melbourne commercial law firm for about 15 years.  He has been a lawyer in the city, the suburbs and the country and thinks he has “pretty much seen it all”.

At a Glance

Summary My Details
Key areas of expertise:
  • Commercial litigation
  • Commercial law and advice
  • White collar crime
Admitted to practice:  1983
Career achievements:
  • Obtaining his legal qualifications as a mature age student whilst working full-time.
  • Working with Tim Nethercote about 20 years ago and occasionally briefing Grant Holley when he was a Barrister.
  • Becoming a partner of a Melbourne law firm and managing a substantial business and associated staff.
  • Running an appeal to the High Court.
  • Being recommended recently by a solicitor for whom he acted in Supreme Court proceedings as “the lawyer’s lawyer”.
  • Commencing at Holley Nethercote.
Qualifications: Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Victoria and High Court of Australia.
Future aspirations: To continue to practise in the profession which Tim loves and in which he has spent a large part of his life.
Interests outside of work:
  • Family
  • Sailing
  • Snow skiing
  • Tinkering with cars
  • Gardening under instruction
Favourite quote:  “Never kick a sleeping dog.”

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