Litigation is the process of bringing a legal dispute to court.  Depending on the size of the claim, the action will be brought in either the Magistrate's, County or Supreme Courts, if within Victoria.  Disputes under federal legislation are determined by the Federal Court.  The party bringing a civil claim (as opposed to a criminal prosecution) is known as the plaintiff and the opposing party is the defendant.  The matter may be adjudicated by a judge or jury, depending on the nature of the claim.

How can we help?

At Holley Nethercote, and also through our associated business, Compact - Compliance & Training, we strive to keep our clients out of court.

But Holley Nethercote is also able to help if things turn "pear-shaped".  We will quickly evaluate the problem and advise on the best approach.  Sometimes alternatives such as arbitration or mediation may be appropriate.  Holley Nethercote acts for businesses in litigated matters in Victoria and works with firms in other states, if necessary, to undertake proceedings in the right court.  Grant Holley, partner of the firm, spent nine years at the Victorian Bar before Holley Nethercote was established and acts as in-house Counsel in many of these matters.  This gives our litigation clients the advantage of Counsel's involvement from an early stage.

With a long term perspective in mind, we also aim to identify and find solutions to systemic issues that lead to disputes, such as poor corporate governance, staff training and contract management.

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