Setting up, negotiating, terminating or disputing leases

We can help you with any lease-related issue you might have.  We help multinational's set up leases in Australia, and we help medium and large businesses manage multiple leases, with varying complexity.

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  • negotiate a lease
  • terminate a lease
  • dispute a lease
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Read an article written by our lawyer Naomi Fink titled "Your Lease".

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Commercial leases

Question: "What are the consequences of not providing an appropriate disclosure document for a retail tenancy?"

Answer: The tenant may not have to pay rent and may be able to terminate the lease.

Question:"Why bother doing a title search of the property - I know who owns the land anyway?"

Answer: Apart from the very real possibility that the wrong person or entity is named as landlord, it is also necessary to ensure that any mortgagee has consented to the lease.  Unless the mortgagee has done so, if the mortgagee enters into possession of the land then it can effectively ignore the lease and force the tenant from the land so that it can sell with vacant possession.

  • By Naomi Fink

    A lease’s work is never done

    Monday, 10 September 2012
    Finally finished negotiating the lease with your landlord? Just because the lease has been executed and you have moved in to your new premises, doesn’t mean you should forget about it. There are things to think about during, and at the end of, your lease.

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  • By Naomi Fink

    Tips & Traps When Entering Into a Retail Lease

    Wednesday, 30 September 2009
    For many businesses, owning their own business premises is not an option. So if your business is one which has to lease premises to conduct its business, in all likelihood you will have entered into a retail lease. If the lease is coming up for renewal, or you are looking to enter into a new lease either at the same premises or elsewhere, there will be many questions and issues to address. What documents should you receive? What should you look out for? What expenses are you obligated to pay? And so on.

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