AFSL compliance manual, policies and procedures and compliance support
Are you daunted by the number of documents and procedures you need to run a financial services or credit services business?  Don’t be.

Rather than re-invent the wheel, we make available a comprehensive suite of templates and procedures that are prepared by our own expert consultants, compliance managers and lawyers.  These documents assist financial and credit services businesses comply with their legal obligations and to be on top of new regulations.

We do the hard work and research, so that you can focus on the every-day business activities of your organisation.

All our template documents and procedures can be purchased and downloaded through our online compliance portal, the HN Hub.

Our Document Library

Our documents are sorted by topic, so you can access the full suite of templates and documents in relation to a particular topic.  The current suite consists of policies and templates relating to:

  • Running an AFSL
  • Running an ACL
  • Responsible Manager Agreement
  • Compliance Arrangements (Compliance Diary & Checklists)
  • Providing Advice
  • … and more.
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The HN Hub - Online access to documents, policies & templates

You can access our documents, polices & templates through our online compliance portal, the HN Hub.

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HN Documents