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Holley Nethercote was founded by Grant Holley and Tim Nethercote in March 1995.

Meet Tim Nethercote.  In the early 90s, he worked for a city firm that acted for companies who kept finding themselves in court.
Whenever this happened, he'd often instruct barrister Grant Holley to represent the client.
"Court battles are expensive and time consuming." Tim would say to Grant.
"If only our client had done things right in the first place - we wouldn't be here now." Grant would say to Tim.
So, Mr Holley and Mr Nethercote thought they'd do something different.
They set up a law firm and compliance training business that focusses on helping clients do things right the first time.
Quickly, they find themselves amongst a group of like-minded lawyers and staff who think that keeping clients out of court is a good idea.
The business starts training regulators and medium and large corporates in their legal obligations.  It applies its "preventative law" philosophy to the way its lawyers and trainers give advice - whether it’s about employment contracts, setting up a managed fund, getting a financial services or credit licence, or helping resolve a dispute.
Then, the business starts giving away mindmaps that explain new law in pictures.
It starts offering fixed price and other creative billing solutions to its clients.
More lawyers and staff join the team and more clients jump on board.
Meanwhile, as companies keep getting into trouble and the government keeps increasing regulation, a new culture emerges.  It's a culture of best practice - doing it right the first time.  It has a tribe of devout followers - compliance managers, in-house lawyers, industry professionals and CEOs.
They all want the same thing - a healthy business with prospects of long term profitability.
And so do we.  That's why we're not just a law firm and training business - we're part of a movement.  A movement that does things right the first time.  A movement that embraces regulatory best practice. Do you want to be part of it? You can get engaged by asking a question, joining our linkedin community, or signing up to our free blog.  Welcome to the movement, where our story, becomes your story.

In 1994, Grant Holley was a member of the Victorian Bar providing advice and advocacy services to solicitors and their clients.  His practice was primarily commercial and corporate based, involving representation of many medium to large sized corporations in courts and tribunals at all levels.

One of the solicitors who regularly briefed Grant was Tim Nethercote who practised as a solicitor in the Melbourne CBD.  In this capacity, Tim was responsible for looking after the legal interests of commercial clients (including a bank and an insurance company).

In the second half of 1994, Grant and Tim started exploring the idea of establishing their own practice with a specific focus on preventative law. In other words, to try to keep clients out of court.  With Tim's teaching background and Grant's experience as an occasional lecturer, this focus extended beyond the legal practice to the establishment of a business with a "legal awareness" training focus.  Again the focus was to assist companies and other organisations avoid the costs, stress and time involved in legal disputes and litigation by providing relevant, practical, interactive and enjoyable training.  These philosophical underpinnings still guide the business today.

After considerable planning, Grant and Tim established two businesses in March 1995:

Since that time the firms have grown considerably.  We now employ nearly 30 staff across Melbourne and Sydney: big enough to provide real expertise and get things done; small enough to stay true to our service-oriented roots.

However, in December 2016, Tim decided it was time to hang up his suit and step into the exciting world of retirement.  His future plans with wife Jenny have included lots of overseas travel and walking, and spending time with family.

Tim has been retained as a Special Consultant to the firm.

Holley Nethercote's partners are Grant Holley, Paul Derham, Jesse Vermiglio, David Court and Mark Sneddon.

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