Webinar: AML/CTF for Advisers – Your practical guide on what licensees & advisers should be doing

What's covered

  • Identifying what your obligations are
  • Identifying who the obligation rests with (adviser or licensee)
  • Explaining the difference between Item 54 only and normal programs
  • Using a case study example, a walk through of how to build a compliant AML/CTF program for advisers
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Date and Time
Wed, 16th December 2020
11:00 am- 12:00 pmWebinar
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Most advice firms are aware that they have AML/CTF obligations, but aren’t always 100% exactly what those obligations are.   Using a case study example, we’ll walk through the nuts and bolts of AML/CTF law, why you have to comply and how you can comply.   We’ll look at what makes a good program and where some will fall short of the mark.

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