Mortgage Brokers Best Interests Duties – Online Workshop

What's covered

  • Credit Legislation and overview
  • What is new for mortgage brokers including Royal Commission case study
  • General obligations relevant to mortgage brokers
  • Key definitions explained
  • Key changes explained including Best Interest Duties, prohibition on conflicted remuneration and liability for conduct of individuals
  • How the new changes interact with Responsible Lending
  • Conflict priority rule
  • ASIC’s expectations – RG 273
Price: $720.00
+ GST: $72.00
Total: $792.00
Date and Time
Thu, 22nd October 2020
2:00 pm- 5:00 pmWebinar
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Holley Nethercote Compliance is offering a half-day Mortgage Brokers Best Interests Duty public workshop which focuses on understanding this new duty.  With the new duty starting on 1 January 2021, the workshop will work through common scenarios and cover the types of steps mortgage brokers should take to help them comply with the new duty.  The workshop will also consider some of ASIC’s key expectations in RG 273 on how mortgage brokers should comply with the new duty.  As with all our training, the workshop uses:

  • phone-based gamified technology tools
  • live role-plays
  • two-trainer methods
  • group-based workshops
  • relevant case studies
Delivery As many States and Territories are currently subject to COVID-19 restrictions, this workshop will be conducted online.  However, once these restrictions are lifted we intend to also offer a face-to-face training option. Who should attend?
  • Mortgage Brokers
  • Responsible Managers, Senior Managers and Directors of Mortgage Broking businesses
  • Compliance staff

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