Where’s your Company Register?

Monday, 17 December 2012 | By Sam Hills
If you’ve lost your company register, you could be:
  • Breaching your obligations as a director under the Corporations Act 2001;
  • Operating without your “rules of engagement”.
When creating a company, you usually receive a folder titled “Company Register”, containing the constitution, share register, minutes of meeting and other documents necessary to manage the company’s compliance.  If your company has been around for a while you may have lost track of this folder or be assuming it is with your accountants, or at another office, when perhaps it is not.

The Corporations Act 2001 says that, as a director, you have to keep adequate financial records of the company’s position and performance.  The Company Register can play a role in this.

If the company is operating without its rules of engagement and a dispute arises between directors and shareholders, this could raise issues for the company and you could need to apply for a Court order to adopt a new constitution.

Find your Company Register now and put it somewhere safe.

Authors: Naomi Fink & Samantha Hills

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