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Set out below are the current hourly rates (inclusive of GST) for our staff.  These rates are subject to change from time to time without notice.
 Name   Position   Hourly rate
Grant Holley  Partner 
Paul Derham  Partner  $660.00 
Jesse Vermiglio  Partner 
David Court  Partner  $660.00 
Mark Sneddon  Partner  $660.00
Tim Dixon  Lawyer    $660.00
Zoe Higgins  Lawyer 
Naomi Fink  Lawyer 
Fiona McCord  Lawyer    $495.00 
Sam Hills
Lawyer   $495.00
Alexa Freeman  Lawyer  $429.00
Sarah Archer  Lawyer   $429.00 
Frank Varga  Paralegal   $220.00 

Clerk/Admin  $110.00