Webinar: Regtech and Compliance – Can you? Should you?

What's covered

  • What's in the marketplace
  • What parts of your business can regtech help with?
  • The user experience
  • Dangers and pitfalls
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Date and Time
Wed, 16th September 2020
11:00 am- 12:00 pmWebinar
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Chances are, you've had providers of 'groundbreaking regtech solutions' tell you how their offering will save you time.  In this webinar, we have put together a panel to consider what's out there, and where it may help. We will approach regtech from three different perspectives:

  1. As a law firm and a compliance firm, we're not pushing one solution.  However, our law firm does legally review lots of regtech tools.
  2. As Director of the Regtech Association, Julian will talk about  technology that's currently available, and the use-cases that work well.
  3. As a regtech user, Aurel will talk about her experience in adopting a regtech solution in her business.
Will regtech save you time?  Will it improve the quality of your processes? Can the providers deliver on their claims ?  Can they "take care" of your compliance obligations? Our panel:
  • Paul Derham - Partner at Holley Nethercote
  • Julian Fenwick - Director of the RegTech Association, and Managing Director & founder of Governance Risk & Compliance Solutions
  • Aurel Cicirella - Compliance & Operations Manager at AFSG

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