WEBINAR: Asset Allocation Update – Helping clients navigate a new world of retail investing

What's covered

  • what's going on out there?;
  • investment styles; and
  • resources for you and your clients.
Price: $120.00
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Total: $132.00
Date and Time
Fri, 25th June 2021
11:00 am- 12:00 pmWebinar
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With over 70% of investors looking to control their own investing, and the dramatic increase over the past 18 months in young people trying their hand at share trading, there has never been a greater need to understand how you can support clients and their families in how they make their investment decisions. And yet, the cost of delivering personal advice is rising, pricing traditional advice out of the reach of many.

In our annual ‘asset allocation’ webinar, Andrew Varlamos, CEO of Openinvest will take us through the current state of the market, his thoughts on asset allocation, and efforts by Government and the regulators to bring down the increasing cost of personal advice, as well as providing some ideas on how accountants and advisers can help their clients to stay on a sensible investing path.

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