Webinar: Who are you providing & charging superannuation advice for?

What's covered

  • Who is the client (husband, wife, super fund, member, trustee)?
  • Why does it matter?
  • How many SOAs are needed
  • What if you get it wrong
  • Impact of FASEA's Code of ethics on superannuation advice & charging
  • Superannuation advice and Ongoing Fee Arrangements
Price: $120.00
+ GST: $12.00
Total: $132.00
Date and Time
Wed, 18th March 2020
11:00 am- 12:00 pmWebinar
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In this webinar, Holley Nethercote's partner, David Court, and General Manager, Kath Bowler, will explore the intricacies and issues of charging for superannuation advice. Each of our topical webinars considers:

  • What you need to know
  • What you need to do
  • Common mistakes
  • Top 5 tips

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