Australian Credit Licence (ACL) Applications and Variations

The National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009 (Cth) requires businesses that engage in a credit activity to have an Australian Credit Licence (ACL).

Compact, our associated compliance business, can help you apply for an Australian Credit Licence (ACL).

Do you need an Australian Credit Licence?

If you have a question about whether you need an ACL, or what type of ACL you require, ask it in the box at the bottom of this page.

Apply for an Australian Credit Licence

Click here to see how to apply for an ACL.  This article shows you what you need to prepare, how much the application fee will be (payable to ASIC), and the other steps involved.   It includes a one-page diagram for you to print out.

We can help you apply for the ACL*

Our compliance business, Compact, can help you apply for an ACL.  We can advise you on:
  • whether you're caught by the Australian Credit Licensing regime;
  • if you qualify for an exemption;
  • the type of ACL you need to apply for; and
  • how to meet the other requirements of the legislation, such as responsible lending.
*We do not offer these services to pay-day lending and consumer leasing businesses.

Ongoing Australian Credit Licence obligations

We can prepare or review your:
  • Credit Guide
  • Credit Representative Agreement (like an Authorised Representative Agreement for AFSL holders)
  • unsuitability assessment template
  • credit or lease proposal disclosure document
  • compliance manual
  • credit assistance quote template
  • loan documentation / terms & conditions
Go to our Australian Credit Licensing (ACL) Compliance Package page for more information on these and other ongoing support services for credit licensees.

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